Ladies Wear

Face it, do you know many women that want to dress like a man? No, of course you don't. Women approach clothing differently than men. They like clothing that flatters, and choices in fabrics, color and style.

Ladies seek softer fabrics and slimmer silhouettes. Women want the option to wear a match of a men's polo with a reverse placket or to have a scoop or V-neck that coordinates with a men's shirt.

Here is small sampling of the premium quality ladies casual wear we offer from top manufactures and distributors such as Cross Creek, Dunbrooke, Hanes Her Way, Outer Banks, Port Authority, Cutter and Buck, Rivers End, Jonathan Corey, Blue Generation, and Andren Rohan.

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Whether you know exactly what you want or need some inspiration, the staff at Shirt Stop can help you get what you need! The prices are reasonable and they deliver when they say they will! If all of this isn't enough, the staff provides caring, professional services! ~Lorraine Souze, CSYHA Merchandise